Saturday, August 8, 2020

Treefern: 1x Cyathea tomentosisssima - Cycas Cycad Palm -no Seeds


Cyathea tomentosissima

"Dwarf Wooly Tree Fern"

Cyathea tomentosissima is a rather small tree fern that hails from the cool mountain cloudforests and grasslands of New Guniea at very high elevations.  This is a climate lacking in seasonal extremes, except for the intensity of the sunlight, nothing like any of the climates in the temparate Northern Hemisphere.  This treefern seems to have found its way into cultivation in Europe, Australia, and even the United States, though it is still overall very rare.

It does not grow as fast as most of the other tree ferns, and its ultimate size is only about 8' tall with fronds up to 4' long under good conditions.  Its small size makes it easy to incorporate into a city garden, and it will also grow well in pots or tubs.  Also, it is not much of a chore to wrap up such a little fern to protect it from the winter cold.

Price: € 15

Shipping: € 9,50 Europe

Shipping: € 18/24 Worldwide