Sunday, November 22, 2020

Plant: 1x Cyathea browniii- Rare Treefern


Cyathea brownii

"Norfolk Island Tree Fern"

This is regarded as the largest of all treeferns, though in cultivation its dimensions may be exceeded by other species such as C. medullaris, particularly in a cooler climate.  A very robust, beautiful species, closely related to C. cooperi but far more spectacular in size and appearnace.  It is not very common in cultivation outside of Australia.  The fronds can reach up to 20' long and are held in a most attactive habit, and the trunk, which is quite thick under humid conditions, can in the wild reach an incredible height of 100'!  As the fern ages, the trunk appears to look more woody and may also show some taper.

Although it comes from a completely frost free environment, it will tolerate nearly as much frost as C. cooperi, and is also very fast-growing (especially as a young plant) and easy to cultivate, responding to large quantities of fertilizer.  The uncurling croziers are covered in beautiful large, pale brown scales and small, dark brown scales.  The fronds are hardy to about 27°F, and it is well worth overwintering in a zone 8b climate with copious amounts of house insulation, although it will eventually outgrow practical protection measures.  It will perform well in partial sun in most climates where it is hardy (full sun advised in cool maritime climates), and its fast growth enables it to recover from damage quickly.  Very easily raised from spore.

Price: € 18
Shipping: € 9,50 Europe
Shipping: € 26 Worldwide

Plant: 1x Cycas simplicipinna - Rare Cycas Cycad Palm

Cycas simplicipinna

A small, trunkless cycad from northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and southern China, where it grows in the understorey of humid forests to an elevation of about 900 m (2950 ft.). It produces several rather large ascendingpinnate leaves.

Price: € 24

Shipping: € 9,50 Europe

Shipping: € 26 Worldwide

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Plant: 1x Lagerstoemia indica - deep purple! well rooted plant

Lagerstroemia indica (also known as crape myrtlecrepe myrtlecrêpe myrtlecrepeflower is a species in the genus Lagerstroemia in the family Lythraceae, which is native to the Indian Subcontinent (hence the name indica), and also to Southeast AsiaChinaKorea and Japan.  Lagerstroemia indica is an often multi-stemmed, deciduous tree with a wide spreading, flat topped, rounded, or even spike shaped open habit. Planted in full sun or under canopy, the tree is a popular nesting shrub for songbirds and wrens.

Price: € 10
Shipping: € 9,50 Europe
Shipping: € 26 Worldwide

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Cycad: 1x Lepidozamia hopei- Rare Cycas Cycad Palm -no Seeds


Perhaps the worlds largest cycad, this species from northeastern Queensland, Australia forms a trunk that can reach 50 cm (20 in.) in diameter and over 17 m (55 ft.) tall. Its spreading crown can hold up to 100 pinnate leaves with broad, beautifully glossy leaflets. Naturally occuring in rainforests from low altitude to 1000 m (3300 ft.), it adapts well to tropical and many warm temperate climates and can take a rare light frost. Young plants are attractive from their first leaf on and adapt easily to cultivation in containers.

Price: € 29

Shipping: € 9,50 Europe

Shipping: € 18/24 Worldwide

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Plant: 1x Xanthosoma sagiitifolium -Arrowhead Elephant Ear- no Seeds

XANTHOSOMA sagittifolium
Arrowhead Elephant Ear
A tropical aroid with very large green elephant ear-like leaves quilted and slightly ruffled. Used in the tropical garden scheme for exotic foliage effect.
Native to Tropical America.
Max height 1.8m. Max spread 1.2m.
Requires part/full shade.
Soil must be kept moist.

Price: € 10
Shipping: € 9,50 Europe
Shipping: € 18/24 Worldwide

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Seeds: 5x Macrozamia moorei -fresh!- Cycad Palm

The largest of the Macrozamia, this stunning species from Australia's east coast can develop a massive trunk up to 8 m (26 ft) tall and 80 cm (32 in) across that carries a huge, rounded crown with up to several hundred dark bluish-green fronds. It is a very robust plant that will thrive in full sun in tropical as well as temperate climates, and tolerates drought as well as serious frosts.

Price: 5 seeds € 30

Shipping: € 15 worldwide

Cycad: 1x Zamia variegata - Rare Cycas Cycad Palm -no Seeds

Zamia variegata

A small cycad with very attractive, green and yellow mottled leaves, native to rainforests and pine-oak forests in Chiapas in southern Mexico and in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. It is considered endangered through destruction of its natural habitat by human activities.

Price: € 23
Shipping: € 9,50 Europe
Shipping: € 18/24 Worldwide